Nintendo Wiimote Shatter Decal

May 18, 2012

Shatter Sports Golf Ball DecalHave you ever seen those decals on cars that look like a baseball or a hockey puck has smashed into their window? I always thought those were pretty clever. But, being a gamer, I had my own idea for one that I hadn’t seen yet. You may know about the pandemic-like spread of destroyed flat screen televisions that has swept the world since the release of the Nintendo Wii. Sometimes when players get too into the game they swing a little too hard and the wiimote becomes a projectile. Well with my interpretation of the Shatter Sports line of decals, that can now be yours without having to purchase a new TV.

I bought the wiimote chassis on eBay. I cut it using a miter block (and not a chef’s knife). I also added a pulsing LED flasher to it that operates the Player 3 light. Pressing the 1 button turns it on and off. The LED slowly pulses to give the appearance that the wiimote is real but broken. You can see it if you look closely in the video above. The whole thing cost about $60 to make.